Private Instruction

Private Instruction with Ann Davis

Enjoy a comfortable and richly rewarding full day of instruction with Ann at La Ruche Davis Teaching Studio near Washington, DC.  A private class costs $300 and last  from 10 am to 4 pm. A light lunch is included. Extended Mentoring with each private class - I'll be available by email or phone to help you. 

To schedule a class, contact Ann.

Instruction is currently available in  the following areas:


Personalized lapidary instruction. Learn how to:

  • Rough cut a slab using a trim saw
  • Grind it into the shape you want
  • Dop with wax
  • Polish to a shine
  • All aspects of lapidary will be discussed down to hand finishing
  • Sources shared
  • I have inexpensive slabs you can work with but you are welcome to bring your own
  • Most students make several cabs in one day
  • You'll leave knowing how to set up your own lapidary studio

As with any private day, you get Extended Mentoring.

Metal Clay

  • Got a special project you want to work on?
  • Need some help or advise? Bit off more than you can chew???
  • I'll work with you all day, even fire if there is time, polish and patinate, gold plate, kuemboo
  • You tell me what you want to learn, you will have my undivided attention!
  • My tools, your clay.
  • Expert tips and sources shared.

You should leave with a finished project, or if it's too involved (lots of drying time) you will be on your way with clear instruction how to finish.  As with any private day, you get Extended Mentoring.

Electroforming on Glass

Learn how to:

  • Electroform on glass of all kinds, especially glass beads
  • Use wax to embellish your designs
  • Polishing, patinating
  • Sources shared
  • My equipment, and supplies
  • Your glass

You should finish one complicated piece and one easy piece  and have the knowledge you need to set up your own electroforming station. As with any private day, you get Extended Mentoring.