February 12th, 2019

Hello Art Lovers, Metalsmiths, Metal Clayers, Polymer Clayers, Ceramic Makers, Papermakers... Hello Artists!!! This is a catch up email....It's been too long.

The World needs more Love!! So I'm posting my first pattern in hopes it finds a home in your heart.  So Much has happened in the last few years… I haven't posted for a while... But I'm reaching out, trying to give something back and sharing (hopefully) some of the things that make me, well ...me.

Everyone needs Art. The world experiences and expands through Art. Art often can define culture! Who can forget Dali's melting clocks after he read Einstein's Theory of Relativity? Epic. Beautiful beyond words. ... ummmm...Nails It!!!  Art as an interpreter of  Maths, who knew?

So, with Art as a healing medium in mind, I offer you a simple pattern of LOVE.  We are all makers to some degree, our mediums are different, but who cares?  It can be gold, porcelain, cardboard, metal clay, fiber,  anything..... and for me, now, printed out of resin on a 3D printer. How far have we come from the epic cave paintings or carvings in stone to a Star Trek-like, imagine-it-and-make-it universe? In a truly consciousness-awakening time, amidst so much disruptive technology, a time when even cats and elephants paint and dogs and chimps react to magic tricks, we should come together over Art. We all have so much in common.  I am only one small voice of millions and billions in this amazing and expanding universe.

We ARE all star stuff!

I would like to share my journey....my heartfelt feelings, with you, and hope you will share with me… I welcome artistic discourse!

It was a busy year, teaching at Sawtooth, with the amazing BFF Karen King, going to other classes (encaustics intensive with my talented hubby) embracing fiber again, that's your fault BFF Kathy Lagassey....taking a three-months polymer class...epic, and no I'm not good at that, I was so in over my head but my BFF's Lorrene Baum-Davis and Kathleen Tucci, literally splain'ed stuff to me and dragged me along with them...hahahaha. To all my polymer friends, know you are admired greatly, I can't do it!!! BUT!!!! I'm open to just about anything. I'm a child of the 60's and as the saying goes, "I'll try anything once."

Now that I've Splain'ed myself, I open with the gift of the Casa Romeo. I had commissioned a glass bead to celebrate my new pup Romeo, a Hairless Chinese Crested, who came with both ears up...and eventually both ears down. Silly boy. (And sadly, the artist no longer does glass critters, but check Marcy Lamberson on FB, She does! 🙂 Anyway, this was a 1-year-old portrait of my little love, one ear up and one down, and now he's 13 but still going strong!  I had always been meaning to fashion a stand of some kind for it, but the idea never came to me, until 12 yrs later I had a flash of inspiration, and woke up with the idea (yes, they do come to me in dreams) and just sat down and made it, all in one day.  Inspiration is like that, you can't work fast enough. I knew if I stopped, it would disappear from my mind's eye!

Now you might be thinking, "I don't need a bead holder." Ahh, but you could always leave the front solid and put your dog/cat/hamster's picture on there. Or use an oval bezel cup, add pix and cover with resin, glue on. The ideas are endless :))

I have discovered over my long journey through Art that if you let your heart guide what your hands need to do, then you can express your feelings , longings, desires, and make them visible to others  in the world we call reality, for lack of a better term....thoughts become things...oh yes. Art makes it happen.

I have more patterns, designs, and thoughts I would like to share in the future. And I hope you will share your thoughts with me!

My simple design is a dog house with his initial on it. I designed it and ran it up in the Curio, my go-to template cutter. But you don't need one....You can download the Silhouette file below(easy peasy)  and a jpg that prints out on plain paper the correct size if you don't want to go the cutter route. And either file can easily be resized. I made this bead holder out of metal clay, copper to be exact....but it could be made out of anything.  It's just my love shining through for one of the best friends I have ever had.

Simply made, it holds his little bead like a flag, a love-muffin flag. Why did it take me so long? hahaha We all ask ourselves that over and over.

This is a really simple pattern, both sides and the roof are the same size, the front and back same size, except one has a doghouse opening. I used the template and rolled the clay to 4cards, and let dry after cutting it out. I put the sides together with slip so they were standing up and then mitered the two roof pieces slightly where they meet,(thanks for teaching me that o so long ago, BFF Barbara Becker Simon) all put together with slip, shored up by modeling clay to dry.  I only used the Silhouette to cut out the templates from cardstock, the "R" also. Then used my needle tool as a cutter. Where I wanted the bead, I drilled a small hole into the roof and put a fresh bead of copper clay in the hole and inserted copper wire into it. Fired it in carbon. After brass brushing it, I cut the wire to the right length and used two-part epoxy to secure the bead.  It could have been left loose but I figure I will never want to take it off.

I hope this brings a smile to your day 🙂

Love and Happiness,

P.S. Comments welcome! 

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